What is the Transition Coaching Program Provided by Mitroff Consulting & Associates?

We believe being a successful executive, at whatever level, is generally synonymous with being an outstanding performer. And yet, like world-class athletes, even the best can get better. Mitroff Consulting & Associates’ Executive Coaching Program empowers professionals to strengthen specific skills, abilities, and behaviors that will make them more even more effective as leaders. Our tailored, customized process is highly strategic and specifically designed for each executive. The coaching program is designed to increase the executive’s understanding of his current business realties, assess his strengths and weaknesses, identify ways to improve specific business and leadership abilities and deliver better business results. We focus on those areas that will have a direct impact on the executive’s and the organization’s ability to achieve mission-critical business objectives. Therefore, as the executive strengthens his performance, he optimizes the organization’s performance as well.
We work with executives to identify, capture and manage new career opportunities. The majority of our coaching executives are not looking for just another job; they are seeking new challenges in which to develop and apply their considerable skills and talents. We identify what it takes to assess each opportunity and position them optimally to stand out from others wanting the same opportunity. Additionally, we prepare our coaching executive’s during the first few months in a new opportunity to maximize their initial success.

Our coaching focuses entirely on the needs and attributes of the executive. We guide the executive along a path of discovery uncovering issues and insights about himself along the way. Our advice is customized to each individual executive’s situation. It is important for the executive to understand we do not do the work for him; rather, we help him help himself. Our coaching program assists the executive in choosing a mountain, the “right” mountain for that specific executive, and helps him climb that mountain. It does not include our carrying the executive up the mountain; the executive walks on their own feet. We provide a savvy sounding board not available anywhere else. It is secure, confidential, and comfortable. This allows the executive to articulate career options perhaps not yet shared with anyone else and enables him to “think outside the box” and “test drive” ideas without the risk of embarrassment. He is able to make superior decisions about what to do based on what he truly wants to do.

Participation in our Transition Coaching program does not preclude the executive from being a possible candidate on an executive search. If the executive becomes a participant in one of our searches, the transition program is formally suspended and the relationship with Mitroff Consulting & Associates focuses exclusively on the search.

We identify what it takes to assess each opportunity and position the executive to optimally stand out from others wanting the same opportunity. Additionally, we are prepared to guide our coaching client during his first few months in the new opportunity to maximize his initial success.

The program is designed around a two to four month curriculum that consists of weekly consultations focused on specific topics. The coaching work is performed by telephone so the geographic location of the executive is not an issue.

It is our experience that executives who have successfully completed our coaching program are able to immediately use primary and advanced coaching skills to create more effective performance conversations, empower employees to make better decisions, and create a culture of accountability.