What are a Source, a Prospect and a Candidate?

Mitroff Consulting & Associates approaches search with the understanding that no one is a “candidate” until proven otherwise.  That is, all contacts are “sources” – professionals within the industry who either are performing the duties of the role we seek to recruit, or will know of others who are doing so.  These “sources” enable us to network with the best of the best in the specific industry and discover those who are performing the responsibilities for the position our client seeks to complete.  Once our firm has identified an A+ professional who has the talents, abilities, and skill set for the role, then we administer to that professional the personality profiles and determine their “fit” to the culture, personality, energy demands, management skills, etc. required for success in that specific position.  Should the professional be a strong “fit” not only from a skills set, but also now from a culture and personality “fit”, then they can be advanced to the classification of “Prospect”.

Then we begin in-depth referencing, background checks, degree verification, etc.  Should the professional pass with outstanding marks, then and only then, does he become a “candidate”.  Once he is a candidate, then we present him to our client.  That way, our clients are assured only professionals who are a “perfect” fit for the opportunity will be presented.  We do not seek to take up valuable time of our client or that of sources by submitting individuals who “sort of look the part”.  Again, the professional must fit on all criteria before we consider him to be a candidate and then present him to our client.