Why Does Mitroff Consulting & Associates Not Have a Specific Industry Focus?

First and foremost, we are specialists in the search process.  We purposely do not limit our practice to a narrow industry focus.  By maintaining a broad industry focus, we have fewer “blockage” issues;  therefore, fewer companies in any given industry are “off-limits” to us.  This is a major advantage to our clients because we are able to recruit from a larger pool of A+ professionals.

“Once a client, always a client”.  At Mitroff Consulting & Associates, we believe it is unethical to recruit from a prior client; hence, all clients of our search firm are off-limits.

We also believe that in any given industry there are a limited number of A+ professionals; this is true whether it is public accounting, wine, consumer packaging, etc.  A search firm should seek to provide their clients with the highest level of candidates – i.e., A+ professionals.  With that understanding, the search firm which specializes in a given industry limits its access to such candidates.  Our broad industry focus allows us to go after more top candidates, more often.