How Does Mitroff Consulting & Associates Differ From Other Retained Search Firms?

We are one of only a few boutique search firms in the Country founded, managed and conducting searches by a prior Psychologist. Norm was a practicing Clinical Psychologist and he brings expertise in understanding people, what motivates them, what hampers them from making effective career decisions and how to overcome an individual’s resistance to making changes. His experience assures clients they will obtain the most qualified candidate for their company’s goals and future success. His ability to help candidates work through their career directions maximizes the successful results of the search and assures timely completion.

Additionally, Mitroff Consulting & Associates develops a personality profile unique to the specific search assignment for each and every search. This specific “Candidate-to-Job Matching Report” provides interviewers of the client company with custom-generated Behavior-Based Interview questions that probe the unique challenges faced by each potential candidate. The report we create will graphically compare and contrast a prospective candidate to the “ideal” candidate profile for the specific role we have been retained to search. Our report includes information which indicates just how much the prospective candidate would have to adjust his or her natural behavioral tendencies in order to mirror the behaviors of the client’s “ideal” position’s top performers.