What are Mis-Hires and How Do You Avoid Them?

Mitroff Consulting & Associates provides our clients with a comprehensive profile of the “ideal” candidate matched to the specific position we have been retained to complete. We utilize state-of-the-art personnel assessment technology supported by scientific and behavioral research to enable managers to select the highest caliber candidates and to maximize the career potential of our client’s employees. Our profiling reports empower managers to effectively match the behavioral tendencies of candidates and senior management with the behavioral requirements of specific positions. The profiling reports we provide our clients are comprehensive, detailed assessments of the candidate and provide our client with specific suggestions to query the potential candidate on and describe how the candidate fits and does not fit the precise requirements of the specific position we are recruiting. We provide insights as to the candidate’s respective strengths (and weaknesses) and how well they fit the specific position.
For every position there are behaviors that enhance performance and behaviors that hinder performance. The Job Profile we use identifies the behaviors that correlate to effective job performance in a specific position. The “ideal” job profile is generated from the responses of the company’s “job expert” to the Job Profile Survey. The “job expert” can be a successful incumbent, or others who understand the difference between effective and ineffective performance in the position being profiled.

We also provide an in-depth Custom Job Analysis process that thoroughly researches a specific position. This rigorous analysis results in valuable insights regarding the traits and behaviors necessary to excel in a particular job. As a part of this process, clients also receive custom-written Behavior-Based Interview Questions designed specifically for their company.

The Candidate-to-Job Matching Report provides the company’s interviewers with custom-generated Behavior-Based Interview questions that probe the unique challenges faced by each candidate. The report graphically compares and contrasts a candidate to the “ideal” profile created during the Job Analysis process. The Candidate-to-Job Matching Report shows how much “flex” the candidate would need to exert in order to perform the essential duties of the position. In other words, the report indicates just how much the candidate would have to adjust his or her natural behavioral tendencies in order to mirror the behaviors of the position’s top performers. Our profile will provide our client with detail information as to how much extra energy the candidate has to expend to match the job – i.e., a safeguard against job burn-out.

You will find our comprehensive profiling assessments to be accurate and very helpful in building the management team and avoiding “mishires”.

We maximize the potential that not only will you have the right employee on the correct “bus”, but the right employee will be sitting in the “correct and best seat on the bus” for their career goals as well as the employer’s goals. This increases employer and employee satisfaction, reduces job burn-out and minimizes stress-related Workers Compensation claims.

We can provide clients with an analysis which maximizes lines of communication, resolves conflict more effectively, builds more productive teams and motivates the company’s people to achieve their potential. With the “New Hire Integration Report”, we provide our clients with a report which introduces the new employee to each of their managers, peers and direct reports. It is designed to maximize the new hire’s ability to “hit the ground running”.