Why Do You Only Conduct Searches on a Retained Basis?

There are a number of reasons why we do so, not the least of which is to attract “A” plus players. This requires they have anonymity. The vast majority of potential candidates we approach are employed full-time.  They are not usually actively seeking a new opportunity. The potential candidate understands when working with our firm, their career goals are taken into account. The fit of their goals as well as those of our client are considered.  Should a potential candidate have the belief the search firm wants to complete the assignment so they can “earn” their fee, top notch candidates will not participate in the search process.  The contacts, both our sources as well as potential candidates, all understand we only conduct searches on a retained basis.  Hence, complete confidentiality is assured to all parties.  Without this assurance, our experience has indicated the slate of potential candidates is compromised. Additionally, there is mutual trust.  Our clients understand we are presenting a potential candidate only when he is a strong fit rather than just to complete the search and obtain our fee.  We want the search to come to a successful completion for all parties, the client and the candidate, and obtaining our fee is not the motivation.  We bill for services rendered no different than physicians, accountants or other professionals. Additionally, as a retained firm, we commit one hundred percent of our efforts to our client’s needs.

As a Retained firm, our clients are assured:

  • Mitroff Consulting & Associates commits one hundred percent of our efforts to completing successfully the search assignment
  • Our retained search approach creates a mutually beneficial relationship and full level of commitment between our client and Mitroff Consulting & Associates
  • Our comprehensive assessment of candidates includes face-to-face interviews, interview reports, personality profiling and search specific (profiling specific to the actual position being sought), Candidate-to-Job Match reporting,  in-depth reference checking, and degree verification
  • Mitroff Consulting & Associates is accountable for filling the open position regardless of time investment.