Candidate Services

As a service, Mitroff Consulting & Associates, brings to prospective candidates updated information regarding employment in the state of California. We welcome working with you to assist with one of your life’s major events, career change.
New California legislation, prevents employers from using a job applicant’s salary history during the process of determining an offer of employment, or salary to the potential new employee. The law explicitly states employers cannot in writing, through an agent, personally nor orally, seek the applicant’s salary history information. This includes benefits and compensation. Additionally, if requested by prospective employees, the employer must provide a pay scale for the position for which the potential employee is being considered.
Applicants should be aware, this law does not prohibit them from voluntarily or without prompting, from disclosing their salary history information. If such a disclosure has been provided to the prospective employer, they are justified in using that information when setting the applicant’s salary. The law fails to prohibit employers from using any publicly available salary information, however, that knowledge, by itself, cannot be used to justify disparities in offered salary compensation.

Our professional services are motivated by our commitment to our clients

Norman Mitroff
We fully understand the major issues presented by individuals seeking new opportunities or potential changes in their current employment. Norm’s years of experience as a Psychologist provided him with a keen understanding of how employment and changes in employment affect our lives. Therefore, we are sensitive to the needs of candidates. We conduct search assignments from mid-through-executive level positions across a wide range of industries. We purposely do not limit our practice to a narrow industry focus mainly because we are specialists in search. Our clients range from emerging to Fortune 1000 companies committed to engaging a retainer-based search firm. They have chosen to work with a boutique firm because of the superior individual service and commitment they receive. We provide that same service and commitment to candidates. We are available seven days a week to assist our clients and you, the candidate. We view working with candidates as a privilege, not a “right”. Confidentiality and respect are afforded at all times. No question or issue is trivial and all queries will receive a timely response. We conduct search across all major functional areas. On a confidential basis, we welcome receipt of your résumé. Résumés are never forwarded without the candidate first being contacted and undergoing a candid discussion regarding the opportunity. We believe each candidate is a potential client and treat him or her as such. The process of seeking a new opportunity or transitioning from one to another should be filled with enthusiasm and pleasure rather than confusion, disrespect or frustration.When you provide us with your résumé, please be sure to include contact numbers as well as a confidential e-mail address. We look forward to working with you.

Guidelines for Submitting Résumés

While we are always willing to accept and review résumés from professionals seeking new opportunities, Mitroff Consulting & Associates does not represent individuals seeking employment. We focus on the current management needs of our search clients. The information on Executives in our database remains confidential and when an appropriate search arises, we contact the individuals who possess the skills and experience which fit the needs of our client. We encourage you to submit your biographical materials. We find it most productive to build your networks early, before you are actively seeking new employment.  We recommend you keep a current résumé updated semi-annually so you can apply for promotions or new positions at a moment’s notice, not missing any potential opportunity. Our typical professional is an individual that has a track record of successful results, excellent communication skills, and a strategic problem-solving focus. When submitting your information, please provide the following:

Your Résumé

This should be your primary marketing document. It should reflect your entire career, including early positions immediately following your education. Please list each company (as well as what the company does) and position clearly, focusing on the tangible results you achieved in each of your various roles. Be results specific.  State the action(s) you performed and the achieved results.  Include details about what you increased or decreased.  Use numbers to reflect how much, how many, and percentage of gain or reduction.  Be targeted: list specific qualifications you have. State your skills, qualifications and experiences as positively as possible without misstating the truth. Add a “Summary of Qualifications” section.  Encapsulate your most marketable skills and experience into four to six sentences so your summary is a mini-verbal business card that details what you are bringing to the table. Please include your education (including executive education programs), military experience, and any board or association memberships.

The Cover Letter

This is an opportunity for you to be creative and “toot your own horn”.  Your cover letter is for our eyes only. A perfectly written cover letter can be as important as your résumé. We find it most helpful if you would describe why you came to each of your prior positions, why you left them, and what your current interests if any, are in seeking a new opportunity. Please describe any current accomplishments which do not appear on the résumé. Let us know what type of position (function, industry, size of company) is most appealing to you. If you have any geographic constraints, please let us know that as well. If you were referred to us by a colleague, please be sure to let us know his or her name.

Salary Expectations

This is often ignored in a résumé package. However, providing your salary expectations will be valuable in assisting us to appropriately contact you for any given opportunity.
Please note the salary expectations should not be listed on your résumé but rather included in your cover letter.
Be sure to provide as much detail as possible, including your desired base salary, bonus, other incentives, and stock options or grants. Please use the link below to e-mail us your information and send your résumé as an attachment.


Please use standard fonts, e.g., Arial with 12 to 14 point size and be sure to submit your résumé created in Microsoft WORD software using margins of at least one-half inch.
Email résumé to: