Welcome to Mitroff Consulting

First and foremost, we are specialists in the search process, so we purposely do not limit our practice to a narrow industry focus. As a boutique firm, we can minimize “blockage” issues. That is, because our work spans many industries, fewer companies in any given industry will be off-limits to us. Therefore, we can better serve our clients.

“Once a client,
always a client.”

At Mitroff Consulting & Associates, we believe it is unethical to recruit from a prior client, hence all clients of our search firm are off-limits. We will not recruit from a client company or any of its subsidiaries or divisions. We will never recruit a candidate we have placed unless the Client and the candidate have decided openly to make a change.

Though we are a national firm, we conduct 70% of our searches on the West Coast between Seattle and San Diego.

Our searches focus on mid-through-executive level staffing needs of our clients. Our clients share our passion for excellence and the highest level of communication and follow-up. We are accessible, visible and interact in a timely manner with everyone who is involved in the search process.

We serve both emerging and established companies that are experiencing change and growth. Through our collegial style, we are efficient and effective in recruiting top notch candidates as we work with the client’s management team.

We are experts in leveraging talent to the betterment of an organization. We have access to candidates that companies do not through their usual recruiting efforts.